Aquarium Maintenance Programs


  Introducing the hassle-free fish tank:

Everyone loves a beautiful aquarium..

Nothing else adds vitality, color, and tranquility to your living or workspace like this.

TVs and magazines won't lower your blood pressure but a well kept fish tank brings

the beauty  and energy of nature to you.

And with Fish & Ships, you can have the beauty without the beast.

We do all the work.  You enjoy the view!

Yes, you may feed the fish.  If  you want to!

     Maintenance programs for every need:

FULL SERVICE PROGRAMS - Inclusive, complete, affordable.  All maintenance performed by our techs, and supplies included (no extra charge for water, chemicals, filters, foods, etc.) Regular scheduled calls: weekly, twice-monthly, or once-monthly as needed.

ON-CALL / AS NEEDED / EMERGENCIES - Do-it-yourselfer? Just need water changes?

Have an aquarium emergency?  We can tailor services to your needs.

(On-call services subject to scheduling constraints)

Call today for more information!  (903) 561-4343